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Why Meerkat?

The Meerkat is an appropriate analogy to a Crisis Coordinator. Meerkats are continually alert and sensing danger. one family member is always standing guard. They use a broad variety of calls to communicate among one another for different purposes, for example to raise alarm on sighting a threat. If a meerkat senses danger, it will bark to alert the others. Like the Meerkat, a Crisis Coordinator is also looking for warning signs that may indicate a potential crisis is looming and Alert Leadership. Meerkats, like Crisis Coordinators stand sentinel to alert of warning signs of things that could harm the pack.

Why Is A Crisis Coordinator Needed?

Everyone has a day job. It’s business as usual in that day job. Your co-workers are focused on performing their job duties and responsibilities as required.

A crisis is the furthest thing from business as usual. It is business unusual. No one in your organization is looking for events that may become crises.

They are not thinking about circumstances that could change the status quo from business as usual to business unusual. A Crisis Coordinator is the link between the two– business as usual and business unusual.

This training has been designed to empower Crisis Coordinators to recognize emerging crisis warning signs and circumstances, to identify the likelihood a circumstance could escalate to a crisis and alert leadership.


If you are a certified Coordinator, you’ll already be familiar with this video. You’ll be hearing more from Sue, however, since she has her very own TIPS FROM SUE page in the Coordinator’s only section of the website.
If, however, you are a guest checking out the CrisisCoordinator Program, we’d like you to meet Sue, who will put the program in perspective for you!