Sadly, sometime in your life you have (or will) say “If only I had known!”  We are human and can’t be prepared for all the crazy stuff that busines and personal life throws at us.  But, as a Crisis Coordinator YOU can reduce the number of times your business leadership finds themselves saying that.  What […]

Have you ever been to a seven-year-old’s birthday party?  Let me tell you, more often than not it is pure chaos!  Well, that’s just how it is during a crisis.  A crisis does not respect your careful planning, your prepared remarks, and your already full calendar.  When it happens around you, just remember, KEEP YOUR […]

Remember that not every Emergency turns into a Crisis!  However, emergency situations can have real impact on anyone or thing involved, and if not managed effectively, can light the kindling that grows into a crisis bonfire.

You were taught that a primary role of your leadership is to protect critical organization assets.  I just want to remind you that critical assets include a lot of things!  Your leadership (and you!) have to be concerned about people, information, brand, reputation, infrastructure, facilities and finances.  And, in your public role, it’s not just […]

You’re gonna grown when I say this, but, face it, I JUST CAN’T HELP MYSELF! Always remember that the primary role of a Crisis Coordinator is to … RECOGNIZE – IDENTIFY – ALERT Okay, Okay, I PROMISE the next tips will be more helpful!